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Learn to Dive Options

FunDive Weekly @ Grandview Heights

Spring 2022 March 28th to June 17th

No diving classes during the following dates:

-April 15th to 18th

-May 23rd

-June 3rd and 4th

1-4x per week 

Number of sessions: 10 unless specified otherwise

Location: Grandview heights Aquatic Centre

Class description:

Level 1: All Levels Welcome, perfect class for beginners! 

Level 2: Must know 001B on 3m (Front Fall in), 002A 1m (back fall in) Please ask your coach if you are unsure.

10 and under

Tuesdays 4:45-5:30pm Level 1 

Wednesdays 5:45-6:30pm Level 2 (FULL)

Wednesdays 4:30-5:15pm Level 1 (FULL)

Fridays 5:45-6:30pm Level 1  (FULL)

Saturdays 10-10:45am Level 1 (1 spots left)


(All the ages welcome)

Mondays 4:45-6:15 pm Level 1

Wednesdays 4:00-4:45 pm Level 2 (FULL)

Fridays 6:15-7pm Level 1 (FULL)

Saturdays 10:45am- 11:30am Level 1

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White Rock Divers Online Registration (H20)


*Class fees do not include annual registration and insurance fee 



Class Description:

Recreational diving program, learning basic diving skills, working on coordination, balance, spatial awareness, gross motor skills and diving technique.

times may change due to pool availability

Minnows (6 and under)
Wednesdays 4-4:30pm
Class description:
This class is designed for children 6 and under to help get comfortable in the water, learn basic coordination, spacial awareness, gross motor skills and diving technique. This class is a fun way to be introduced to our diving program. Although life jackets are not encouraged as they can restrict mobility, they are allowed in this class.

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White Rock Recreational Team 3-4 days per week 

Ages 11 - 18 

Rec Team 11-18 years old (Invite Only)

3 days per week

2x at the Surrey Sports and Leisure Pool

1x at our new Gym Location

*Class fees do not include annual registration and insurance fee